I am delighted that you are interested in meeting. Contact via my Screening Form is the best way to arrange an appointment with me, I do kindly ask that you read and consider the following guidelines to help make our date the most successful and wonderful for both of us!​

Please have good personal hygiene when planning to see me. I always make sure that I am clean, perfumed, and have fresh breath, and I expect the same out of you.

Be polite, respectful, gentle, generous, and ready to have an incredible experience together!

Refrain from any demeaning or derogatory terms. They are not tolerated and will result in an abrupt ending of our time together.

I do not do “Meet and Greet” appointments without compensation.

I am available Monday – Saturday . I can however take appointments for my off days or after hours with enough notice. At least twenty-four hours notice is required for all meetings.

I am available 7 days a week for all outcall bookings providing at least 48 hours notice is given.

Without proper verification I will NOT be able to see you. Please understand I am discreet at all times and this is strictly for my protection and safety. While your confidentiality and privacy are most certainly important to me, If I cannot determine that you are a normal, upstanding, respectful, professional, upscale human being, I cannot accept an appointment with you.

Please have the donation in plain view in an unsealed envelope with your state ID at start of meeting. When meeting in public please have it in a gift bag. When meeting at your location please leave the donation on the bathroom counter. This will immediately put me at ease.

Also, I will not answer or discuss any activities over phone or email. So please refrain from speaking of any private, explicit encounters. Donations are accepted as gifts and are intended for Time & Companionship ONLY. If you have any questions about what is to be expected from our encounter I suggest you view my website text a little further.

Why would I ignore you?

If I feel that you’re not sincere / reject screening and or when you do not follow my screening process, I will ignore your messages.

Normally I’ll reply to your email the same day or not longer than 24 hours. If I have not replied after 48 hours it means I’m not interested.

New friend:

I don’t do same day appointments for new friends. For first time meetings I prefer to make an appointment one week or more in advance and at the minimum 48 hours notice.

If you have a tight schedule?

You should complete the pre-screening in advance and send a deposit so that I know you are sincere, then when you need to book we can be more flexible.

Old friend:

Same day appointments are available, but not always guaranteed.