Hiiiii !!!!!!!!!!! I am Ashley Lee. Thank you so much for coming to my page! I’m honored that you are here to learn more about me!

I am your elegant, classy, light-hearted and seductive Asian gal next door. Simple, no? Why should Life be complicated?? Lol. I like to enjoy my surroundings, enjoy the fresh air, good music, and the water. I’m a happy person, I always have a big smile and I love to laugh, but I most of all love to make other people happy too πŸ™‚

I love walking outside and even on a rainy day to walk without my umbrella and feel the rain drops falling against my naked skin. Sometimes I’ll even just look out of the window daydreaming, pondering where my next romantic encounter may take me, whilsting enjoying a cup of rich black coffee or espresso.

So, THAT brings me to YOU. Who are you?? What’s taking you so long to come see me? lol. I am a soft soul that loves being around loving, generous and considerate people. Is that you? Well then, hurry up! I reward kindness with lots of affectionate love. I like good hearted, good natured people who know how to laugh and take in the moment. If that’s you, I want to know you!

The Relevant Stuff:

Hair Color:Black
Eye Color:Brown
Favorite Drinks:Red wine. Stags’ Leap – Cabernet Sauvignon is my favorite.
Heineken is my favorite beer.
Cocktail, whiskey & champagne.
Food:Love sushi / sashimi / steak / BBQ. Love spicy food. Love pizza / hamburger.
Enjoys:Watching movies, listening to the music. I Love beach and love to get a suntan. I love to go to gym and exercise.
Favorite Animals:I love all animals, especially dogs.
Gifts:Amazon wish list.